The political lynch of Adrian Nastase

A political conviction in the trophy and electoral campaign trial:
"Adrian Nastase should be eliminated from society" (page 132 of the sentence)
"There is no evidence to incriminate Adrian Nastase" (page 117 of the sentence)

The Trophy File

Senior staff member of DNA, in charge of prosecuting Nastase, appointed judge in the same trial
970 DNA prosecution witnesses, versus only 5 witnesses allowed for Nastase
Prosecutors dictate to witnesses the content of “their” testimonies
Chief Judge surrenders to DNA’s scheme - allowing premeditated chaotic proceedings
Court ignores the fact that its own independent expert totally refuted the prosecution’s financial allegations
None of the prosecution evidence connected Adrian Nastase to the fabricated accusations
Convicting judges acknowledge: “in this case there is no evidence to incriminate the defendant”
A conviction based on hypothesis never proved – imposed by DNA’s aggressive pressure & libel campaign

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Does a US agency promote slander ?

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The Zambaccian File

The anatomy of blackmail & forging of evidence by DNA
DNA presented to court US Dollar bills which it claimed were given by Nastase to commit a crime…
…But simple examination proves that these bills were printed by the US Treasury long after Nastase allegedly transferred the money to his “crime associate”
Yet, the court refrained from referring in any way to the outrageous conduct of DNA in fabricating this false evidence
The sad question is how can the Supreme Court of Justice continue to trust anything Daniel Morar and his DNA prosecutors claim – after so many clear-cut cases of forging evidence & cheating.

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Basescu, Morar, Macovei

Are they fighting corruption?
Or are they preoccupied with hunting political opponents,
abusing the power vested in them by the people, while...

obstructing justice
in Romania

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Aunt Tamara File

In 2006 DNA swamped the country with slander and lies, desperately trying to incriminate Adrian Nastase at all cost
First the DNA leaked to the press that Aunt Tamara was a fiction invented in a conspiracy to cover-up the “fact” that Nastase obtained money illegally
But then it became evident that the late Ms. Tamara Cernasov did exist and indeed gave that money as her inheritance to her niece, Mrs. Dana Nastase, legally and transparently
So then DNA fabricated the story that Adrian Nastase stole that “Aunt Tamara File” from the Anti Money Laundry Agency (ONPCSB)
This time DNA launched an unprecedented campaign of slander, blackmail and deception, trying to mislead even the Supreme Court
They freed from prison a convicted criminal, who in return agreed to sign a false statement against Nastase
They lied to the Supreme Court during the trial proceedings
Until the Supreme Court of Justice totally acquitted Adrian Nastase uncovering the conspiracy & deception of DNA

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"The elimination of corruption is paramount to all EU member states. However,
obstruction of justice for political persecution does not eliminate corruption - but reinforces it."

The Romanian Senate decided:

Monica Macovei Lied

to the press, to the public, to the Parliament, to the Government
and to the Council of Europe!

Excerpts from The Romanian Senate Decision, calling upon the resignation of Minister of Justice Monica Macovei, February 13th 2007:

"Macovei aimed at placing the judiciary under political control, while consistently undermining its credibility".

"The press was lied to, the population was lied to, the Parliament was lied to, the Executive was lied to, the Council of Europe was lied to".

Monica Macovei "trampled over the independence of judges and prosecutors, with public statements aimed at mapping for them the course their criminal investigations or rulings should take";

Monica Macovei "seriously damaged the constitutional stature and the public credibility of the entire judicial system".

Monica Macovei "constantly attacked the Parliament and discredited the legislative process in her statements both inside and outside the country".

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Leading Civil Rights
Organizations Accused:

Police State and
Human Rights Violations

Excerpts from a joint declaration of The Open Society Institute, The Centre for Legal Resources and Transparency International-Romania, June 8, 2006:

Monica Macovei's penal policy is more appropriate for a police state, and will not bring us closer to European Union.

Monica Macovei's recent changes in the Code of Criminal Procedure are, in fact, serious human rights violations.

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The Constitutional Court Concluded:

Her Actions Unconstitutional

July 2007: The Constitutional Court declared Macovei's action as Unconstitutional.

November 2007: The Constitutional Court declared Macovei's action as Unconstitutional.

April 2010: The Constitutional Court declared Macovei's action as Unconstitutional.

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